Tuesday, April 24, 2012

2nd week update

Unfortunately there's no changes in my weight this week and I'm so disappointed with myself...Maybe because I was so overwhelmed with two kilos weight loss last week that made me think eating fastfood munchies and rice is okay but totally wrong....

So as  punishment to myself I am forcing myself to have a strict diet....Strictly no rice and now more protein, veggies and fruits only....I hope next week's update will be great.Good luck to me! I can do this!!

from here
I will not stop until I'm done! AJA!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Hello kick boxing! Hello Jeet Kun Do!

Couple of weeks ago (before Holy week) I saw a post in the gym (where we are working out ), they are offering Jeet Kun Do  . I found it interesting though I am not really into martial arts and never tried any of its kind before.I remember, I often read tweets of local celebrities about them loving  kick boxing and even shared how they are really hooked into it. A cloud up of my head says WHY NOT?MAYBE IT'S COOL! though I don't really planned to enroll ASAP only when my gym instructor told me how they enjoyed the first session of their JKD class. Curiosity hits, so I decided to count myself in. :D

Gym post
So there!I had my first session yesterday  and I must say that it's really fun. I love the place where we had it because you can see a very nice view of Calapan City bay just in front of you.You'll never think of the time cause we did it non-stop with  just some quick breaks from kicking. I even availed the unli- water in the gym because  thirst is really drying up my throat so fast. I can almost produce half glass of water from the sweat in my shirt. That's how this activity can put you into action in a more disciplined way. I can't complain and say I can't to this or I can't do that because you have to do it!
I can imagine Bruce Lee in me whenever we do the bow thingy before and after the session. I found it cool!Ha ha I am sorry I don't memorize the terms yet  plus the booklet guide and uniforms are not distributed yet so please bear with me. I hope I could follow everything correctly tomorrow because yesterday was so so :P , wish me luck folks.

View from our Jeet Kun Do nook . :D

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

PFT first week update

Sorry for a late update, I just experienced a visa application hiatus yesterday and this morning we rushed my 1 y/o niece here in the hospital due to continues vomiting. Good thing everything subsides now and I guess I can make up with my delayed PFT first week update.

No diet for the whole week it's so hard to starve myself so I ate 3 times a day with rice but in small portion (not really, like almost a cup still LOL) but I make it sure I've got to sweat. Me and BFF Odeth had 3 days with twice a day work out and 3 days having only the current program we are enrolled. Sunday we gave our body a day of rest from those dumbbells and workout mats.
To see the progress I weighed myself again and the good news is that I'm 2 kilos lighter! Yehey!
From 72 kilos I'm down to 70 kilos....don't you think that's great?
Well a good job indeed!


I can't really believe it that's why I've checked it in two different weighing scales.
One from the gym and one from here in the hospital and it's confirmed I'm 2 kilos lighter tee hee! :)
Yesterday I also enrolled in a kick boxing class offered in the same gym. They said it will help you lose weight fast that's why I'm  so excited even if I never have any background in any martial arts related activities. I'm looking forward to attend  my first session tonight! Wish me luck! :)

PS. Sorry for a not so good quality of photos, I took them using my mobile's camera that's why.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Tremendous body picture you don't want to have

Yesterday lil sissy took a quick scan of my previous post here (actually the 1st) where I have my awful body picture inserted. I don't  know what to react with her sooo  mean comment about it.... She told me that the picture I put there is too deceiving, that I should take one that is more realistic, that i should have a side view picture too...etc! I don't want to hear the rest of it, all I know is that what she is trying to say is that in person it is terribly way awful, horrible, horrifying  ( redundant huh?) than I thought. Is this for real??? Gosh!

And then she suggested why not put a new one and even volunteered to take the pictures for updates. So I followed her suggestions and when I saw the photos she took honestly I wanna faint! I can't believe I have this tremendous body that I'm sure no one will ever wanted to have..:(  I'm still in denial at first I don't know how I let myself be like a fattened pig.

Here's what I'm talking about!*ashamed*

I don't want to see it!! >.<
Because of this I really needed to move my ass!

I hope my dear Alan (hubby) will not leave me after seeing this nightmare shared publicly. :/
I promise I will replace it with something appealing to your eyes, maybe not too soon but in time, I hope not that long though.

I need to accept  the fact that I am BIG (in spite of the bitterness) for me to move forward. I don't want to think anymore, I will just pull on my shoes and go! 

I know I can make it!AJA!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I am motivated!

It's almost a week without workout so  yesterday's gym session made my whole body sores! Oh well I guess I deserve it....I'm so guilty! I can't even get over from the food coma caused by the Easter Feast! Good thing BFF Odeth suggested why not makes our daily routine twice a day....hmmm  plain cardio in the morning (6am) and take our program with instructor in the afternoon (5pm). I agreed and finally today we made it and hopefully we can do it everyday!

I ate rice today because those leftovers are just so tempting good thing I still have stock of brown rice. It's really hard to resist temptation but I hope I can overcome it! Sometimes I am  ambivalent of having a diet plan but hey! I started it already and I'm sure I can do this.! AJA!

I was in Pinterest when I saw this quote......

got this from here

Now I'm motivated!

But hey one more thing! 
Today I'm a bit complaining to hubby for being too busy with his work....Well in fairness with him busy only when I'm up and no signal when he's free so normally it's only maximum of 5 hours now for our BBM habit.
My tantrums fade away when he sent me the pic below....

our picture above his desk

When I asked him why he put it there, he answered me this....It's my motivation everyday I wake up.

Awwww! Viva el romanticismo!

Now I am more motivated because my motivation is my life!Mi esposo!:D

Monday, April 9, 2012

Pinay-Mex's Project Fit and Toned is officially ON!

A decade ago my problem was how could my body fits in my jeans without using a belt, now my frustration is how to buy a jean without choosing a plus size.

During my college days my waistline was 24 inches only and I can wear any clothes I want, I even have the guts to join few beauty pageants way back and even got a title.

When I started working in  five star hotels and then to international cruise ships (where I used to work as food server) I gained like maximum of 60 lbs. that means an additional 7 inches in my normal waistline, from then on my dilemma started.Because of the tempting buffet style dining on board, chocoholic buffets, new cuisines my palates have been explored, stressing work loads and weekly party with unlimited booze consumption with no exercise at all is one of the main reason why I can't manage to bring back the sexy body I used to have.

I am not really obese but yes I am overweight. My husband don't even want me to do it cause for a Latino like him  the body type I have is just perfect and sexy (not unless he is just blinded because of his love for me LOL) but because we started planning our Church wedding for this year I told myself I will give this a shot. I just can't imagine how I will look like wearing my dream wedding gown with this fat body I have....YUCK! Awful but true! So I planned to do something to lose weight. I enrolled in a gym more than a month ago and tried not to eat too much of rice but unfortunately up to this date I can't see any difference except for a more toned body because of the regular work out. Good thing that while I'm in the process I discovered the Project Fit and Toned Support Group by a blogger friend Rae that boosts my morale. We might have different processes/ways in losing weight but having the same goal really gives me that eagerness to make it happen not only to look stunning on our BIG day but also to inspire other people that they can do it too. :D

7 years ago when my waistline is  24 inches

So today Pinay-Mex Project Fit and toned is officially ON.

To start what's the statistics???

The scale said my latest  weight is 72 kilos, I am 5'4" so obviously I am overweight!I dragged my sister to take some pictures of my awful body and let her measure how rotund it is and we came up with vital statistics of 36-31-41, how bad is that?

my yuck-y body now  >.<

So what's my plan?

Honestly, diet plans is really torturing and working out is really a big challenge but hey! No pain no gain right? So I need to do this! I will not really starve myself I'll just find out what way will work for me that I can do. I will continue my 6 days a week gym workouts and planning to run at least an hour or two with my lil bro in the morning since it's his vacation. The gym where we are enrolled is now offering kick boxing class so BFF and I is thinking of enrolling in that class too next month (hopefully). Unlike other PFT mates I am giving myself  60 days to sexy!why? Not because I am a masochist but I needed to lose at least 15 kilos before I have my first gown fitting schedule, so good luck to me :p. I am not really forcing myself but by any chance I can make it I will reward myself with a budget trip to Boracay where I can take  a picture of me wearing a two- piece swim wear with my not so fat body(crossed fingers). Dream or Dare? Oh well, let's get it ON!

I can do it! We can do it!